About this blog

I’m a 30 year old writer and journalist with an anxiety disorder. And I really like fancy things. Stuff to make me smell nice, stuff to make my eyes bigger and my lips shinier, anything that might make make my hair so full and thick that it might one day be mistaken for an especially luxurious hat.

My anxiety is caused by very low self esteem. No matter what the advert claims, my mind is constantly saying “No, you are most emphatically not worth it.” I would love to be gorgeous, but more than that I long to find peace within my own body – to be able to accept myself and find the fun and joy in make up again – and I wanted to try to write a beauty blog for other people who never really feel beautiful.

I’m going to be writing about therapy, medication, make up and mental health. I shall be searching for all the stuff that might make us feel good – and trying to work out how to explore and enjoy the beauty industry on our own terms. And I promise that nobody’s eyebrows need to be on fleek.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 16

9 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I cant wait to read more! I am also dealing with anxiety and when I stopped all my medication, my plan was to travel (which is normally a good cure for me).


  2. Keep writing, you are a powerforce here. I say that genuinely and sincerely. Not everyone has that talent.


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